Stokes Purple® can be used in place of orange sweet potatoes in most recipes.  A side dish can be made from the potato by simply heating and seasoning it to taste using butter or margarine, brown sugar or maple syrup, and salt if desired.

Using Stokes Purple can be a quick and easy way to include a healthy food into your eating on a regular basis.  Children of all ages love colors on their plate.  Add color and nutrition to your meals by trying one of our recipes or, apply your creative talents to develop new recipes. Serve Stokes Purple to satisfy your palate today.

Crème Brûlée Casserole Oatmeal Crust
Dessert Bar
Sweet Potato Pie Swirled Sweet
Potato Pies
Purple & Orange

Macadamia Layered
Dessert Bar
Cheesecake with
Praline Sauce

Be advised:  While most recipes using Stokes Purple result in a beautiful purple color, flour-based products containing baking soda and baking powder sometimes react with compounds in the potatoes resulting in a green color when baked.